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Detailing Training

With 22 years experience in all things detailing, you are now invited to learn to detail like a pro. My approach will be no messing around and you will learn real world detailing, not by written exams but from hands on experience, which we all know is the best way to learn!! Packages tailored for everyone from a novice to an expert just wanting to hone their skills, certificates awarded. We are now only offering 1 and 2 week courses as we feel so strongly that this is what is required for real world training, for you to be fully prepared and to leave with a wealth of knowledge and experience. ​ All packages include guidance on day to day running of the business, marketing and managing customers expectations advice. 

  • Full training package from the safe wash and decontamination of the paint all the way to the machine polishing and coating stages. A full weeks real world training of all aspects of detailing over multipole full details and test panels: £795, 2 weeks £1250


For all enquiries please use the form on the contact us page on our website, email or send a Private Message to the Detailing Scotland Facebook page.

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